Sustaining Leadership

You are more important than your ministry

Paul Swann

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This courageous, raw and inspiring book is a 'must read' for any who long to live in the fullness God intends for us, amidst the realities and challenges of everyday life. A 'how to' walk the Truth of God's strength in our weakness. I wish I had had this treasure twenty years ago!
Alina Clarke


Many books on leadership and ministry are written from the point of view of success and strength. In Sustaining Leadership Paul Swann writes out of the raw experience of failure, getting to the heart of who we are as leaders rather than what we do. From this, he offers both hope and practical resources for sustaining effective long-term ministry, looking at self-care, balance and healthy ministry, feasting on divine love, and more. As he says, this is the best gift we can offer those we serve.


This courageous, raw and inspiring book is a 'must read' for any who long to live in the fullness God intends for us, amidst the realities and challenges of everyday life. A 'how to' walk the Truth of God's strength in our weakness. I wish I had had this treasure twenty years ago!
Alina Clarke

This book is both wonderfully easy to read yet at the same time deeply challenging. Paul Swann's gutsy and honest story made me realise the true importance of self-care in ministry (which is ideal as I prepare for ordination). The 'Pause to Reflect' moments scattered throughout the book really help with not just reading it as someone else's story but as a guide through your own story too. This will be re-read many times in the years to come! Sarah Bardell (Ordinand).

Authenticity is perhaps the most important value for any religion in the 21st Century Western world. Paul Swann demonstrates in this vital book how the Christian religion and its leaders can be authentic and life-giving even in the most desperate, dark and dismal of experiences that arise from becoming 'addicted' to ministry. Combining insights from the bible, contemporary film and popular culture with his own deeply vulnerable experience here is a plea for leadership which is rooted way down in the God who simply is and therefore is not trying to be anything it can't be, other than the sharing of our beautiful and flawed humanity. I hope it becomes widely used in our highly anxious and often success oriented church systems.
Revd Canon Dr Nigel Rooms, Leader, Partnership for Missional Church UK

Paul, I wish you had written your book 50 years ago! But at least it was published at the end of a long hot summer, when I'm wondering if I shall ever walk the hills again... but the last chapter (as you say) belongs to hope! Your humbling honesty, coupled with wonderful biblical expositions, have brought both inspiration and clarification. I now know what I want to be when I grow up!
Revd Michael Dunn (Spiritual Director and Retired Priest)

SO refreshing to have this deep wisdom - on being/doing, self-care/giving, nature of success etc - served up from the point of view of someone who has got there the hard way. This is not a happy, shiny, just-copy-me sort of read, it's more in the painful/raw/honest category, which adds to its value. And although this is a Christian book written out of his experience of being a vicar I'd say it's pretty clearly going to be profoundly helpful to a whole range of people. I've already bought four more to pass on!
Revd Owen Gallacher (Vicar)

Having known Paul for many years, we initially bought this book to support him. I'm not a great reader but it was such a delight that I soon finished it. Paul speaks openly of his struggles and sets out the challenges we all face in our lives and how to balance things before it gets too much. I would highly recommend this resource to people in any form of leadership.
Andy Davenport (Computer Programmer)

Author info

Paul Swann trained for ordination in the Anglican Church and served in two growing parishes in the Diocese of Worcester. In 2008, Paul was forced to retire early and spent four years in the wilderness of total fatigue. Since 2012, Paul has begun to offer a new ministry from this place of weakness. He has served as diocesan adviser on spirituality, offers spiritual direction and leads retreats. The insights of this book are drawn from these experiences.


Review by Revd Canon Steve Coneys, Mission and Growth Advisor, Canterbury Diocese

What happens when you realise that the work you love is making you sick?
This gem of a book traces the story of how a capable Christian leader experiences such physical and emotional disintegration that he hears himself saying to his bishop, 'I can't do this any more'.

Lucid and concise, Paul Swann's book is an essay in practical spirituality, one that is based on grace rather than our own attempts at self-justifying significance. The central argument is that, with a proper understanding of our belovedness as God's children, and a clear view of God's loving character, we can be freed to care for ourselves and live healthy, grateful lives. How many of us, not just Christian leaders, need to learn this lesson?

It is the way the writer communicates the reality of grace in the midst his own sense of failure and weakness which distinguishes this book: 'One day, as I was struggling with low self-esteem and the battle to recover... I complained to God, 'This is too hard for me to do!' Swiftly and firmly, but with extreme gentleness, came the response: 'Is it too hard to be my son?'

Insights from films like Wonder Woman, spiritual writers like Margery Kempe, storytellers such as Lewis Carroll and theologians like Walter Breuggemann, combine with Paul Swann's own experience of reintegration to make the book a compelling read. The lesson that every Christian minister - every human being - needs to hear is brought home with elegance and power: you are more important than what you do. Get hold of this book and read it slowly. If I could, I would buy a copy for every church leader I know.

Revd Canon Steve Coneys, Mission and Growth Advisor, Canterbury Diocese

Review by John Pellowe

This book is a real challenge to church leaders to take better care of themselves and to more intentionally build up the local church they serve. Paul Swann's story of his descent into illness, burnout, and depression is mercifully short (one chapter) but it is sufficient to help people who have not had a similar experience to understand what it is really like, and how much they are suffering something real. He gave me a real empathy for those who suffered as he did.

I really thought it helpful how he framed his situation - 'fragility' is such a good word! We are all fragile people and need to accept that fragility is part of our human condition. No one is impervious to what this writer experienced. The two chapters on emerging from fragility and embracing fragility are very practical and inspirational. Paul has redeemed his story of recovery in sharing it with others, and much good will come of it, I'm sure.

The rest of the book is full of great ideas to build strength into the people of the Church so that we can better serve those in the world around us who are suffering, as well as protecting ourselves from suffering as Paul did.

When I finished the book, my thought was, 'How much more effective the Church would be if we all caught on to the principles and practices outlined in the book!'

Review by John Pellowe, CEO Canadian Council of Christian Charities

Review by Timothy Marlow, Business Consultant and IT Director

In the world in which we live, everyone wants to be seen as perfect. We gloss over the failures, claim insight after the event which wasn't there at the time, even post our best selfies on social media. We long to be seen as successful, and to be liked by all.

But what happens when it all goes wrong? When you're made redundant? Or you're broken by the expectations placed on you? Especially if you're supposed to be in Christian ministry?

Paul Swann has helpfully broken this book into small digestible chunks, with loads of practical advice. If you're in pain, or struggling in any way. Even if you're just feeling a little weary or burdened, then you can flick through it and find something which resonates before working out from there.

Paul observes that burnout doesn't suddenly happen. Rather it creeps up on us over time. We all need the advice he gives for maintaining ourselves. Buy this book, read it carefully, then keep it handy so that you can dip into it regularly.

Timothy Marlow, Business Consultant and IT Director

Review by Steve Chase

Sustaining Leadership is written from the reality of Paul Swann's own personal journey through the difficult challenges of leadership and life. He writes with honesty, great vulnerability and deep self-awareness. Sharing lessons hard learnt in the weakness of his humanity, Paul takes the reader gently into some of the places we so often avoid. He offers proven examples from his own faith journey, along with insights from the lives of those who gone before, that our most authentic identity is found in being loved by God. Paul encourages the discovery of that authentic place of 'being', from which all can learn to love well, live well and lead well! I have already brought 3 copies and passed them on!

Steve Chase

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  • ISBN: 9780857466518
  • Published: 20 July 2018
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  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 160
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