Bible Reflections for Older People May - August 2018

Edited by Eley McAinsh

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Written by older people for older people, these reflections are designed to bring hope, assurance and sustenance, reminding the reader of the presence and love of God.

In each issue are 40 Bible reflections and prayer suggestions to use and revisit as often as is needed. In the central section, Debbie Thrower of BRF's The Gift of Years ministry offers interviews and ideas to encourage and inspire.

The Editor writes...

Welcome! We hope you enjoy this new collection of Bible reflections.

I love the idea that everyone in the world is connected by six links - the so-called 'six degrees of separation' - and when links emerge between the people I know and meet, it always makes me pause to appreciate the mysterious interconnectedness of our world.

I've had a lot of those moments since beginning to work on these reflections. People I knew many years ago have come back into my life and I'm meeting new people every day. A hidden network of overlapping friends and colleagues has become visible.

This happens not just with people, but with ideas and preoccupations. That phrase 'there's something in the air' captures it well. So it is, here in these reflections. Two writers, quite independently, mention songs by Hank Williams, and as I was reading Tony Horsfall's series on 'living water', an old friend and associate, the theatre director James Roose-Evans, sent me some words from the journal he kept on his ordination retreat in 1981: 'In the chapel here at Glasshampton Monastery, where I spend many hours in prayer, two of the friars are also waiting in the silence to be filled like jugs at a tap until each of us is brim-full, that God may be in us as we are in him. We need continually to go to the tap, or the well, to draw from the eternal spring.'

We do indeed.

God bless you

Eley McAinsh

In this issue:

The thankful life
David Winter

Gathering light
Heather Pencavel

Living water
Tony Horsfall

On eagle's wings
Lin Ball

About the contributors in this issue:

David Winter is one of BRF's most popular writers. Formerly producer and Head of Religious Broadcasting at the BBC, he is also the author of 43 books, the most recent being Heaven's Morning: Rethinking the destination (BRF, 2016). Now retired from full-time ministry, he lives in Berkshire.

Heather Pencavel is a writer new to BRF. A retired minister in the United Reformed Church, she worked in Industrial Chaplaincy in Bristol and later edited the national monthly magazine of the Industrial Mission Association. Heather's passion is writing, and she has written poems, prayers and reflections for various anthologies. She is married to Robin and has four daughters, twin granddaughters and a rescue dog, Bobby.

Tony Horsfall has been a missionary and pastor, and now travels widely, speaking and leading retreats. He is an experienced mentor and has a special concern for spiritual growth as people journey through life and into maturity. He has written eight books for BRF, including Rhythms of Grace (2012), Deep Calls to Deep (2015), and his latest, a booklet called Facing Midlife (2017).

Lin Ball's career began in journalism over 40 years ago. Highlights include interviewing missionaries for OMF, editing Bible resources with Scripture Union for over twelve years, creating radio programmes about disability, and helping a friend write and publish his story weeks before cancer claimed his earthly life.

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