Day by Day with God May - August 2018

Rooting women's lives in the Bible

Edited by Ali Herbert

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Day by Day with God are Bible reading notes specifically written for women. All the contributors are women and write from a woman's perspective. The entries for each day contain a suggested Bible reading, with the key verse written out in full, a helpful comment that engages heart and mind and a short reflection or prayer. The regular team of contributors are all excellent writers. Whatever your current situation in life, you will be inspired and encouraged by these notes.

The Editors write

Recently, I went with my husband to see a film based on the book The Shack by W. Paul Young. The novel is based around a man's suffering after his child is abducted and killed. The story, however, does not dwell on the painful details of the tragedy, but explores what happens when 'Mack' has a letter from God inviting him to come and spend a weekend away with him. Mack, a white American man, reluctantly agrees and is shocked to find God represented by a motherly black woman ('Papa' - Father God), a shimmering, Asian woman ('Sarayu' - the Holy Spirit) and a smiling man of Middle Eastern appearance (Jesus). The majority of the story is based around the Trinity's joyful relationship and the emotional healing Mack is given through their understanding and love.
Theologically, the book raises plenty of questions, as must any story that attempts to look into the character of our mysterious God. However, it offers an intriguing, fresh perspective. It draws us into the idea of the love relationship between the persons of our Trinitarian God - and the relationship we might have too.
I enjoyed watching the film but found that for the last half hour, while I sat enjoying the ideas and images in front of me, next to me my husband Nick was sobbing quietly. The suffering of the child's father and the healing, kind, gentle presence of the heavenly 'Father' had moved him beyond words. It reminded me that we all have different responses at different times to our God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Sometimes our relationship feels easy and joyful, and sometimes it feels distant and merely dutiful. At other times, we can be moved to tears, overwhelmed by the constant love of our Father the comforter and counsellor, the one who knows us better than anyone else in the whole world and who promises to be with us always and calls us to come home to him.
This season of notes looks at the work of the Trinity, through history and in our lives, particularly as we explore Father in Abraham's 'school of faith' with Jennifer Rees Larcombe, keep step with the Spirit with Fiona Barnard and reflect on Jesus' parables with Lyndall Bywater. As you spend time each day, think about your own response to God, and allow yourself to become more aware of his constant, loving presence with you.

Ali Herbert

In this issue:

Changing your mind
Christine Leonard
1-12 May

Walking each other home
Michele D. Morrison
13-26 May

The first letter to the Corinthians
Chine McDonald
27 May-9 June

The work of the Holy Spirit
Fiona Barnard
10-23 June

John's letters
Ali Herbert
24 June-7 July

Lyndall Bywater
8-21 July

The school of faith: Abraham
Jennifer Rees Larcombe
22 July-4 August

Peter: the man and his writings
Diana Archer
5-18 August

'To the church': the book of Revelation
Sheila Jacobs
19-31 August

About the contributors in this issue:

Christine Leonard lives in Surrey with her husband, who has recently retired. They have two young grandchildren and Chris remains busy leading creative writing courses and holidays. She has had a total of 21 books published.

Michele D. Morrison loves to write, and is working on a fourth book. She has been a regular contributor to Woman Alive. Michele edits her church magazine, runs a small Bed and Breakfast and blogs at

Chine McDonald is head of Christian Influence and Engagement at World Vision UK, a trustee of the Sophia Network, Church and Media network and the author of Am I Beautiful?, a book exploring body image and faith among Christian women.

Fiona Barnard is a TEFL/ESOL teacher and staff member of Friends International. She works with international students, encouraging local Christians to reach out in friendship and evangelism to make disciples.

Ali Herbert is one of the pastors at St Luke's Gas Street, Birmingham, and is studying for ordination at St Mellitus in London.

Lyndall Bywater is married to Phil and lives in Canterbury. She is a freelance writer and speaker, and her favourite subject is prayer.

Jennifer Rees Larcombe runs Beauty from Ashes, an organisation that supports people adjusting to bereavement and trauma.

Diana Archer is an educator, writer and speaker with a theological background. Family experience of eating disorders led to the charity tastelifeuk, which trains people to run a university accredited community course offering both those with eating disorders, and their supporters, hope and tools for recovery ( She also works for the CPAS leadership team.

Sheila Jacobs is a writer, editor and award-winning author of eleven novels, including Watchers. She has also written non-fiction (Insight into Forgiveness with Ron Kallmier). Single, she lives in rural north Essex, and attends an Elim church where she is involved in evangelism and leads a house group.

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Ali Herbert is a freelance writer and musician who also works part-time as a church communications manager.


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