Day by Day with God January - April 2018

Rooting women's lives in the Bible

Edited by Ali Herbert

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Day by Day with God are Bible reading notes specifically written for women. All the contributors are women and write from a woman's perspective. The entries for each day contain a suggested Bible reading, with the key verse written out in full, a helpful comment that engages heart and mind and a short reflection or prayer. The regular team of contributors are all excellent writers. Whatever your current situation in life, you will be inspired and encouraged by these notes.

The Editors write

Jill: I've recently read Eat This Book: The art of spiritual reading (Hodder & Stoughton, 2008) by Eugene H. Peterson (author of The Message). The title comes from Revelation 10:9, where the angel holds a scroll in his hand and urges John to 'take it and eat it'. In his book Peterson urges Christians to 'consume', 'chew', 'savour' and 'digest' the scriptures, allowing the glorious revelation of God to transform us more and more into the image of Jesus. And this amazing 'meal' includes the tougher bits, not just those that are easy to swallow.

So, in this issue, we've set ourselves the challenge to 'consume' a couple of the harder books of the Bible. Near the beginning and at the end, Rosemary Green opens up for us the letter to the Hebrews. This is a section of the New Testament that some of us bypass as rather too difficult. And yet, as Rosemary shows us, if we are prepared to engage with it, we will understand more of who Jesus is and increase our wonder at having a relationship with him.

In April, Amy Boucher Pye takes us through the Old Testament book of Zechariah and shows us how God redeems and restores his people - a foretaste and a foretelling of the saving work of Jesus.

There is no doubt what the outcome of us consuming, chewing, savouring and digesting the scriptures will be - we will be changed!

Ali: To help us continue the theme of pressing into the Bible and discovering what it means for our lives, we are delighted to welcome Tania Vaughan and Esther Kuku as new writers.

In January, Tania explores how we can be hungry to read the Bible - and whets our appetite for the blessings we receive as we do. A little later on, in March, Esther looks at how we might spread some of that delight, nourishment and good news to those with whom we share our lives: our families, churches and communities.

As we begin the new year and fill up with the goodness of scripture, maybe we could cultivate an 'attitude of gratitude' using the children'smealtime prayer: 'For every cup and plateful, dear Lord we're very grateful!'


Jill Rattle and Ali Herbert

In this issue:

Resolutions - the ten commandments
Diana Archer
1-13 January

Reading the Bible
Tania Vaughan
14-20 January

Letter to the Hebrews (part 1)
Rosemary Green
21 January-3 February

Church as family
Bex Lewis
4-17 February

Victoria Byrne
18 February-3 March

Mission: sharing the good news
Esther Kuku
4-10 March

Claire Musters
11-24 March

Easter people
Cathy Madavan
25 March-7 April

Zechariah - the people's return
Amy Boucher Pye
8-21 April

Letter to the Hebrews (part 2)
Rosemary Green
22-30 April

About the contributors in this issue:

Diana Archer works as a freelance writer, editor and trainer. She runs Tastelife (, a charity set up to help people break free from eating disorders. Tastelife trains people to run a community course, which gives sufferers from eating disorders, and their supporters, hope and tools for recovery.

Tania Vaughan is a teacher of God's word. She is passionate about helping women go deeper with God. Tania shares her battle with depression and destructive relationships on her website,

Rosemary Green has four adult offspring and 14 grandchildren, aged between 30 and eleven. She and her husband live in Abingdon, where she is involved in ministry among seniors in her local church.

Bex Lewis is a southerner 'up north' as Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is passionate about helping people engage with the digital age in a positive way, and is the author of Raising Children in a Digital Age: Enjoying the best and avoiding the worst (Lion Hudson, 2014).

Victoria Byrne serves on church healing teams and loves encouraging others. She is married and works on the pastoral staff at her Twickenham church. She writes and blogs regularly on life and faith.

Esther Kuku has a career in broadcast journalism and PR that spans 20 years. She is married with four children, including two stepchildren. On Saturday mornings, Esther presents The Family Hour on the radio station Premier Gospel.

Claire Musters is an author, a speaker and an editor; she is also a mum, a pastor's wife, a worship leader and a school governor. Claire's passion is to help others draw closer to God. Her latest books include Insight into Burnout, cowritten with Chris Ledger (CWR, 2017), and Taking off the Mask: Learning to live authentically (Authentic Media, 2017).

Cathy Madavan is the author of Digging for Diamonds: Finding treasure in the messiness of life (Authentic Media, 2015). She speaks at events across the UK and is part of the Spring Harvest Planning Group. She lives on the south coast with her husband Mark (a church leader) and their two teenage girls.

Amy Boucher Pye is the author of The Living Cross: Exploring God's gift of forgiveness and new life (BRF, 2016) and the award-winning Finding Myself in Britain: Our search for faith, home & true identity (Authentic Media, 2015). She enjoys running the Woman Alive book club and speaking at churches. She blogs at

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Ali Herbert is a freelance writer and musician who also works part-time as a church communications manager.


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