Quiet Spaces May - August 2018

A creative response to God's love

Edited by Sally Smith

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Quiet Spaces is BRF's prayer and spirituality journal. Published three times a year, each edition journeys through up to nine themes drawn from the Bible, spiritual writers, the natural world, the lives of Christians from across the centuries or from Christian spiritual traditions. Each theme is explored in twelve prayerful ways using creative activities, your personal faith experience, poetry, liturgy, reflection, imagining and meditation, helping you into a heart encounter with God. Ideal both for those who have discovered the benefits of reflection, meditation and contemplation and are looking for a resource to guide their periods of quiet and for people coming to reflection and meditation for the first time.

The Editor writes

Welcome to Quiet Spaces!
I have a quote above my desk from Ann Lamott: 'God loves you exactly as you are, and far too much to leave you as you are.'

It's been there for a few years, but I still keep going back to it. God loves me, warts and all. He knows all those warts, but still loves me. Yet, because he loves me so much, he also sees a better way for me to be me. He isn't going to suddenly change me into that perfect person he knows I can become, but he is longing to work with me to help me on that path.

Fortunately, it isn't dependent on me working hard to become the person God intends me to be. But I do have a part to play in this process. I need to put myself into a situation where I enable God to work within me and I need to allow him to do that work. This means putting myself into God's presence and spending time with him. Like many of you, I know from experience that the better quality the time I offer to God, the better the encounter and the more he is able to work in and with me. As I spend time being his beloved creation, so I become his beloved creation, and that means I become more like the beloved woman he knows I can become.

The closer I get to God, the more I am drawn closer still, and the more I am able to live a life that reflects God's presence with me. It sounds easy, but we know it isn't always straightforward. My prayer is that you are able to use this issue of Quiet Spaces to find ways of being with God and encountering him, and that this will lead you closer to becoming the person he longs for you to be. Time spent with God is never wasted, even when it feels like that to us, as he is constantly moulding us more into his likeness, which sounds exciting and awesome.
So allow yourself to be moulded by our creator God and enjoy being in his presence this summer.

Sally Smith

In this issue:

Ruth and Naomi
Janet Fletcher
30 April-13 May

Being mindful
Claire Musters
14-27 May

The greatness of God - how big is God?
Richard Palmer
28 May-10 June

Living the beatitudes
Jean Marie Dwyer OP
11-24 June

Journeying with the Psalms
Lynne Chitty
25 June-8 July

Small things
Karen Herrick
9-22 July

Lost in translation
Joy McCormick
23 July-5 August

In the image of God
Sally Smith
6-19 August

Finding God where you are
Eirene Palmer
20 August-2 September

As a Child: Praise
Phil Steer

The Corrymeela Community
P draig Tuama

Contributors in this issue

Janet Fletcher is a priest in the Bro Ystumanner Ministry Area and the Bangor
Diocesan Spirituality Officer. She facilitates and offers spiritual direction in the
diocese, and enjoys teaching and writing about prayer and spirituality. She has
written Pathway to God (SPCK, 2006) and has contributed to BRF's Guidelines Bible
reading notes.

Claire Musters is a freelance writer and editor, mother of two, pastor's wife and
school governor. Claire's desire is to help others draw closer to God through her
writing, which focuses on marriage, parenting, worship and issues facing women
today. To find out more, visit www.clairemusters.com and @CMusters on Twitter.

Richard Palmer worked previously in HR and training, where he acquired his keen
interest in human and spiritual development and vocations. He is Secretary to Derby
Diocese Spirituality Group, a spiritual accompanier, writer and runs various courses
on the spiritual journey. His passions are family, creative writing and playing the
drum kit.

Jean Marie Dwyer OP is a Dominican nun of the Queen of Peace Monastery,
Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. The monastery is dedicated to silence, prayer,
study and intercession for all people. She is the author of The Sacred Place of Prayer
(BRF, 2013) and The Unfolding Journey: The God within: Etty Hillesum and Meister
Eckhart (Novalis, 2014).

Lynne Chitty was a deacon at Gloucester Cathedral and now lives in a caravan in
the grounds of Mill House Retreats in Devon. She combines leading creative writing
courses with times of solitude and has a variety of rescue animals.

Karen Herrick is a freelance textile artist and creative educator, with a passion for
drawing people closer to God through creativity. She works in health and social
settings to enhance wellbeing through creativity and runs retreats and quiet days
across the Midlands and beyond. Her website is www.harlequinarts.co.uk.

Joy McCormick, poet and New Zealand Anglican priest, has special concern for
those who struggle to reconcile their experience of Holy Mystery with traditional
church doctrine and teaching. Now retired from parish ministry, she continues to
offer spiritual direction and supervision and to write. She is author of Moments of
Grace (BRF, 2013).

Sally Smith enjoys creating spaces that enable encounters with God through
leading Quiet Days and creating prayer corners and stations. She has led prayer
groups in her local church, works as a spiritual director and writes and produces
educational materials.

Having recently retired as a Careers Adviser, Eirene Palmer is now enjoying her
voluntary work as Diocesan Spiritual Adviser for the Diocese of Derby. She is also a
spiritual accompanier and runs courses on aspects of spirituality. Her other passions
are writing, family and music, especially singing.

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Author info

Sally Smith enjoys creating spaces that enable encounter with God through leading Quiet Days and creating prayer corners and stations. She has led prayer groups in her local church, works as a spiritual director and as a freelance writer and editor. She has a diploma in Theological Studies.


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