New Daylight Deluxe Edition May - August 2018

Sustaining your daily journey with the Bible

Edited by Sally Welch

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New Daylight offers four months of daily Bible reading and reflection for everybody who wants to go deeper with God. It is ideal for those looking for a fresh approach to regular Bible study, and offers a talented team of contributors who present a Bible passage (text included), helpful comment and a prayer or thought for the day ahead.

The deluxe edition of New Daylight is published in large print and with quality paper.

The Editor writes...

By the time you read this, I will have spent another post-Easter break on
a pilgrimage, that is a spiritual journey to a sacred place. I will have
explored new surroundings in the intimate, close-up way which is only
afforded by a journey on foot, allowing time for the landscape to soak into
the soul, providing much material for reflection and appreciation. I will
have been challenged by long days on the road, carrying a heavy pack,
and delighted by the people and places I have encountered. These long,
leisured journeys, sometimes made alone, sometimes in the company of
others, give me the space I need to recharge and refresh, combining as
they do physical challenge with spiritual revelation.

In the light of this, it has been a joy to read Margaret Silf's reflections on mountains and rooftops as she looks at the spiritual implications of high places and extreme locations. She shares with us the excitement and challenge of attaining such altitudes, as well as the pleasures and demands of a return to lower ground and everyday life. And in the midst of this everyday life I hope you will find a great resource in Tony Horsfall's helpful exploration of the themes of encouragement and challenge, which run in partnership throughout the Bible. Encouragement for periods of doubt and difficulty are balanced by the challenge set before us of continuing to grow in faith during both hard and easy times. You will find both encouragement and challenge elsewhere in this edition, as I help us to see how the freedom we find in faith in Christ is both a marvellous gift and a great responsibility, while Michael Mitton shows us how we can take encouragement from those first disciples: 'for we too are ordinary mortals trying to follow Jesus along the perplexing pathways of this world'.

As we make our way together through this part of the year, with its long ays and (we hope) warm temperatures, I pray you will find within these pages the nourishment you need to refresh and sustain you on your life's journey, as well as the gentle challenges that will help you grow deeper and stronger in faith and love.

Sally Welch

In this issue:

Studies on Psalms 81-93
Lakshmi Jeffreys

Acts 1-6: Adventures of aSpirit-inspired community
Michael Mitton

1 Samuel
Bob Mayo

Fate and free will in Mark's Gospel
Sally Welch

Mountains and Rooftops in the Bible
Margaret Silf

In truth and love: 2 and 3 John
Barbara Mosse

My favourite prayers
Sally Welch

Unsung heroes of the Old Testament
Paul Gravelle

Zechariah: rebuilding God's way
Andy John

Words of encouragement and challenge
Tony Horsfall

About the contributors in this issue:

Paul Gravelle is an Anglican priest in Auckland, New Zealand. He is a poet, writer and retreat leader and has ministered in military, urban and rural settings, supporting himself as an industrial journalist.

Tony Horsfall is a retreat leader and author based in Yorkshire who describes himself now as being 'semi-retired'. He is actively involved in his local church and tries to keep active by playing walking football and spending time with his grandchildren.

Lakshmi Jeffreys is the rector (vicar) of a parish just outside Northampton. She combines this with being a wife, mother, friend, dog-walker and school governor and fulfilling various other roles, within and beyond the wider church. Her booklet on singleness was published shortly after she met the man she eventually married.

Andy John is the Bishop of Bangor and has served there for nine years. Andy is a Kiwi (his mother's side) and Welsh cross (his father's side) and has spent all his ministry in the Church in Wales. Apart from being a bishop he occasionally attempts marathons (Snowdonia being a favourite) andenjoys time with his now grown-up children.

Bob Mayo is a writer, vicar and marathon-runner. He is an associate member of staff at St Mellitus London and St Michael's Cardiff. He lives in Shepherd's Bush in London and is chaplain to Queens Park Rangers. His publications include Making Sense of Generation Y (2006) and The Faith of Generation Y (2010). He is at his most comfortable walking with his wife and their two beloved dachshunds.

Michael Mitton works freelance in the areas of spirituality and mission. He is also the part-time Fresh Expressions Officer for Derby Diocese and the NSM Priest in Charge of St Paul's Derby. He is author of Travellers of the Heart (BRF 2013).

Barbara Mosse is a retired Anglican priest with experience in various chaplaincies and theological education. A freelance lecturer and retreat giver, her latest book for BRF is Welcoming the Way of the Cross (BRF, 2013).

Barbara Mosse is a retired Anglican priest with experience in various chaplaincies and theological education. A freelance lecturer and retreat giver, her latest book for BRF is Welcoming the Way of the Cross (BRF, 2013).

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Author info

Sally Welch is Vicar of Charlbury and Area Dean of Chipping Norton. Sally also leads training events for the Diocese of Oxford in the area of spirituality and is a Diocesan Labyrinth Coordinator. A published author, Sally's works include: Making a Pilgrimage (Lion Hudson 2009), Walking the Labyrinth (Canterbury Press 2010) and Every Place is Holy Ground (Canterbury Press 2011), Edible Bible Crafts (Barnabas for Children, 2014) and Celebrating Festivals (Barnabas for Children, 2014). She is also the editor of the Bible reading notes New Daylight.


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