Come Let Us Age!

An invitation to grow old boldly

Wanda Nash

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In this unique book, Wanda Nash, a well-established writer on spirituality in her late seventies, reflects on growing old with faith and a positive spirit. This compelling invitation to grow old boldly - full of her own experiences and insights - includes Wanda's reflection on her encounter later in life with terminal cancer, and her thoughts on coping with the daily challenges of living a Christian life in her illness and in ageing. Demonstrating a profound sense of the value and purposefulness of 'old age', the author's indomitable spirit is matched only by her fresh vision of the love of God in Jesus Christ.


Come, Let us Age! An invitation to grow old boldly
  • 1 The preliminary scene
  • 2 What is old age for?
  • 3 Would God like an empty space which only he can refill?
  • 4 How on earth can we do this?
  • 5 Some of the consequences of being old
  • 6 Some conclusions about being very old
Come, Let us Play!
  • 7 God laughing
  • 8 The magnitude of God
  • 9 Alongside the pain and the hurt
  • 10 Feeling awful and playing
  • 11 Jesus and optimism
  • 12 Jesus and his needs
  • 13 Being pierced, but still being welcoming
Extracts from Wanda Nash's journals
  • 14 Being old and ill: where is God?
  • 15 Awareness of God's presence in illnes
  • 16 Using illness: ministry through illness
  • 17 Coping with illness in order to use it
  • 18 The best is yet to come
  • 19 Finale

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Author info

Until her death in June 2015, Wanda Nash was an author and speaker on a range of subjects including stress and spirituality. Having been the UK Chair of the International Stress Management Association, she authored a number of significant books, including, Christ, Stress and Glory (1997), At Ease with Stress (1998), Come, Let us Play! (1999), Simple Tools for Stillness (2005) and Silence as a Meeting Place (2010).


Book details

  • ISBN: 9780857465580
  • Published: 21 July 2017
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 96
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