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Laura Treneer

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An essential resource for all church leaders.
Jo Swinney, Editor, 'Preach' magazine


An essential guide to effective church communications.

Combining missional vision with practical advice, this resource provides practical ideas so that people are warmly welcomed with clear and relevant communication. Ideal for church teams who want to reach their communities effectively, and a perfect gift for church leaders and volunteers who are short on time but need fast relevant advice. Whether you're looking for a crash course, a brief refresher or a reference toolkit, you'll find what you need. Advice you can read and apply, from people you can trust.


  • Introduction
1. Why it matters
2. What to consider first
  • What is our current reality?
  • What is our core message?
  • Who is our focus?
  • Are we communicating a cohesive, consistent, credible identity?
  • Are our expectations realistic and shared?
3. Essential next steps
  • Choose your tool - 15 in detail
  • Choose your look
  • Plan your year
  • Plan your content
  • Find your team
4. Toolkit

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An essential resource for all church leaders.
Jo Swinney, Editor, 'Preach' magazine

Author info

Laura Treneer is Innovation Director for Christian Publishing and Outreach, who are passionate about church communication and the importance it holds for mission in the UK.


The Reader (Spring 2018). Review by Christine McMullen

These four, bright pocket-sized booklets explore the concept that it is God who communicates with the world, and each volume aims to equip us to take part in that task from a different perspective. 'Church from the Outside' looks at displays, noticeboards, invitations and PR. 'Church from the Inside' looks at welcome, news-sheets, magazines and stories. 'Church Online: Websites and 'Church Online: Social Media' consider exactly what their titles say.

Each volume is divided into four sections - why it matters; what to consider first; essential next steps; and toolkit. Each has a theological basis for reaching out in the four different ways and each is full of good missional ideas about why and how we need to reach out. There is a wealth of practical ideas, sensible professional advice about how to do it, pitfalls to avoid, tips on how to persuade reluctant church members to move with the times, and constant reminders that mission should be on every church agenda. I found reading the greyish print visually difficult, but intellectually thought-provoking. The target audience is, however, unclear. Is it the vicar before she hands it to someone else more suitable? Or are they meant to lie pointedly around until someone with skill or conscience runs with the suggestions? Whatever happens, they are well worth reading.

Review by Christine McMullen

Evangelicals Now, review by Simon Oliver, member of East London Tabernacle and Head of Marketing for 'en'.

These four little books - under 100 pages each and designed to help with all aspects of church communications - promise much and deliver quite a lot, actually.

Each book discusses one of four different elements of communicating with the outside world: church from the inside, church from the outside, the web, and social media.

Inside, the author discusses why each factor is important and the shortcomings most churches experience. She then moves on to offer new ways of thinking and gives some practical advice for improving the quality of how we make ourselves known to the people around us. Consequently, Laura Treneer offers some genuinely insightful observations and very helpful practical steps that challenged my thinking. I'm sure it would be a great help to many a church wondering how they could better use their resources.

Review by Simon Oliver

Review by Adrian Smith, Communications Officer, Diocese of Lincoln
Part of a series of publications designed to assist parishes in realising effective communication, these informative, pocket-sized guides come very reasonably priced (GBP3.99) and are described as being for those seeking a 'crash course, a brief refresher or a reference toolkit' in the area of church websites and social media (and also communications inside and outside the church building).

Each title follows a pattern that offers chapters on 'Why it matters', 'What to consider first,' 'Essential first steps' and 'Toolkit' (further advice and sources of helpful information), and the text is warm, helpful, engaging and often-thought-provoking. For example, the title that exploring church websites makes the following point: 'If you want to attract people who don't go to church, make sure you use the sort of language they might use when searching for a church -- for example, 'community group', 'family activities', 'relationship support', 'spiritual questions', 'why church is so important', even 'why church is so hard'. Uncomfortably, if you type into Google 'Why is the church so...' the next word it predicts is 'boring'. Why is church so boring? Does is need to be? Should it be? Good question!

The challenge is to address and change this perception, and these titles can help churches establish or develop an online presence that will demonstrate something of their breadth of services, activities and events, and, crucially, extend a warm invitation to come and see and share in what God is doing. We know that time and resources for such endeavours can often be in short supply, but time invested in the reading of these short, informative and jargon-free books will be time that is very well spent.

Review by Adrian Smith, Communications Officer, Diocese of Lincoln

Diocese of Oxford E-news letter - 11 January 2017

If you are hoping to update your church website in 2017 or move into social media, Church Online: websites and Church Online: social media will provide all the tips you need. Ideal resources for churches who wish to reach their communities effectively.

Diocese of Oxford E-news letter - 11 January 2017

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  • ISBN: 9780857465542
  • Published: 21 July 2017
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 64
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