Paul and his Friends in Leadership

How they changed the world

Paul Barnett

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The more we understand biblical characters like the apostle Paul in their specific situations and in their own time, the more we will be able to apply biblical principles to today's church, its leaders and its mission-transforming and enriching the way we do church today. Paul and His Friends in Leadership examines the apostle Paul's critical relationships with key people, illustrating his humanity, faith, confidence in God and his leadership qualities. This novel approach, by an expert in the New Testament, will encourage us to reflect on leadership in the church today and help us to see how crucial authentic relationships are to our contemporary mission.


Paul's greatness
Paul's life: a sketch
Paul's calling, his mission and his churches
Paul's mission to Cyprus and Galatia (AD47 - 48)
  • Barnabas, missionary leader
Paul's mission to the Aegean provinces (AD49 - 57)
  • Silvanus, missionary and translator
  • Timothy, Paul's leading fellow worker
  • Luke, beloved physician and author
  • Priscilla and Aquila, merchants
  • Stephanas, servant of the saints
  • Gaius, host of the church in Corinth
  • Apollos, passionate preacher
  • Erastus, high-ranking city official
  • Titus (part 1), Paul's ambassador
  • Epaphras, evangelist
  • Philemon, house-church leader
  • Onesimus, runaway slave
  • John Mark, author
  • The Asiarchs of Ephesus, leading citizens
  • Phoebe, patroness in Cenchreae
  • Aristarchus, travel companion
Paul's mission in Rome (AD57)
  • Andronicus and Junia, Paul's kin
  • Rufus, 'chosen in the Lord'
Paul's last years (AD60 - 65)
  • Epaphroditus, carer
  • Euodia and Syntyche, fellow workers
  • Titus (part 2), evangelist in Crete
  • Onesiphorus, earnest friend
The origin of love in the writings of Paul
The significance of Paul's mission friends

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Author info

Paul W. Barnett is a former Bishop of North Sydney, Australia, and lecturer in New Testament at Moore College, Sydney. He is the author of many well-received and influential books on the New Testament. His two interests are Christian ministry and the world of the early church. His passion is to encourage the practice of biblical principles for ministry in today's world.


The Reader, Summer 2018

Review by David Sellick

Barnett sets out to show that Paul was more of a 'people person' than he is often given credit for and that he offered caring leadership to those with whom he shared mission, so that together 'they changed the world', as the book's subtitle claims. In Acts and Paul's letters about 100 people are named and of these Barnett identifies about forty whom he regards as Paul's key 'mission colleagues'. All named people associated with Paul's missionary work from AD49 to 57 are introduced and discussed in as much detail as the author can amass. We know that Paul often mentions people by name in his letters, but Barnett cross references Acts and the letters to produce a mini-biography of each, thereby illustrating how Paul chose, trained and supported a string of fellow missionaries who so firmly established the emerging Christian church across the eastern Roman Empire to the imperial city itself. This is a fascinating complement to Pauline studies.

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  • Published: 20 October 2017
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  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 160
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