The Recovery of Joy

finding the path from rootlessness to returning home

Naomi Starkey

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'Recovering joy involves more than following our social codes and conventions. It involves walking with God at our right hand, step by step in the radiant light of his presence. It involves remembering that we have already arrived at our destination - the safety of our Father's house - even as we continue on the pilgrim road that takes us through life.'

The Recovery of Joy weaves imaginative story and profound biblical reflections on several of the Psalms to trace a journey that many of us will relate to. The narrative begins in rootlessness and despair and takes a wanderer across the sea to a series of islands. These are the setting for a series of events and encounters through which emerges a progression from that initial rootlessness, through healing, to a rediscovery of the joy of feeling at the centre of God's loving purpose for our lives.


  • Introduction
Part 1. Rootlessness
  • On the road
  • Dead end
  • The pathless way
Part 2. Respite
  • Green pastures
  • The blessing of sleep
  • No place like home
Part 3. Ruins
  • Into the depths
  • A desert place
  • A time to mend
Part 4. Release
  • Stuck
  • Freed
  • Cleansed
Part 5. Return
  • On the rock
  • Crossing the bay
  • The recovery of joy

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Author info

Naomi Starkey is a priest in the Church in Wales, living and working on the Llyn Peninsula. She was previously a commissioning editor for BRF, and edited and contributed to New Daylight and Quiet Spaces. Her other books include The Recovery of Hope (BRF2016), The Recovery of Love (BRF, 2012), Pilgrims to the Manger (BRF, 2010) and Good Enough Mother(BRF, 2009).


Book details

  • ISBN: 9780857465184
  • Published: 22 September 2017
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 128
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