Quiet Spaces May - August 2017

A creative response to God's love

Edited by Sally Smith

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Quiet Spaces is BRF's prayer and spirituality journal. Published three times a year, each edition journeys through up to nine themes drawn from the Bible, spiritual writers, the natural world, the lives of Christians from across the centuries or from Christian spiritual traditions.

Each theme is explored in twelve prayerful ways using creative activities, your personal faith experience, poetry, liturgy, reflection, imagining and meditation, helping you into a heart encounter with God.

Ideal both for those who have discovered the benefits of reflection, meditation and contemplation and are looking for a resource to guide their periods of quiet and for people coming to reflection and meditation for the first time.

The Editor writes...

Welcome to this issue of Quiet Spaces.

Some ways of praying occur more than once in each issue of Quiet Spaces. In this issue the traditional practice of lectio divina is used twice. You will find that each writer describes the practice in a slightly different way. They may take a different approach to match the material they are exploring, or they may have different personal approaches, which they are reflecting. As with all the exercises in Quiet Spaces, do feel free to use the approach that best suits you. You may find that you develop your own version of lectio divina, or any of the other practices used, that enables you to use the passage to pray. Try not to get too lost in the mechanics of the practice, but allow God to lead you through, so that it becomes a natural process for you. You are aiming to receive a small part of the passage as a gift from God, and then to cherish that gift and allow it to move from your head to the deeper places where God loves to meet you. Allow God to use the words, but also be ready to move beyond the words as you meet and receive from him.

I know from readers who have been in touch, and from those I have met, that many of you are using Quiet Spaces in your own individual way, and that you appreciate the freedom to use what enables you to encounter God and to leave sections which you believe may not be as helpful. I would challenge you sometimes to be adventurous and to try some new ways of praying - you may find that you are pleasantly surprised and begin to experience God in new ways. He delights in leading us along new paths to new pastures when we dare to listen and follow him.

So, have a prayerful summer and do get in touch to let us know how you get on in your adventures.

Sally Smith

In this issue:

Sheep and shepherds
Fiona Stratta
1 - 14 May

St Benedict
John Fitzmaurice
15 - 28 May

The prodigal
Janet Fletcher
29 May - 11 June

Andrea Skevington
12 - 25 June

Sally Smith
26 June - 9 July

Walls and boundaries
Janet Lunt
10 - 23 July

Beside the sea
Dorinda Miller
24 July - 6 August

The wisdom of God in creation
Lisa Cherrett
7 - 20 August

Liz Hoare
21 August - 3 September

On holiday with God
Sally Smith

As a Child: Obedient
Phil Steer

Spotlight: The Greenhouse Christian Centre
Kate Strand

About the contributors in this issue:

Fiona Stratta is a Speech and Language therapist and Speech and Drama teacher. She has written Walking with Gospel Women and Walking with Old Testament Women for BRF, with Walking with Biblical Women of Courage published in July 2017. In her writing she desires to connect readers' spiritual journeys more closely with their daily lives.

John Fitzmaurice is Director of Ordinands and Vocation in the Diocese of Worcester. He has a master's degree in the psychology of religion and a doctorate in ecclesiology, as well as a deep ongoing interest in monastic and apophatic spirituality.

Janet Fletcher is Priest in the Bro Ystumanner Ministry Area in the Bangor Diocese, Church in Wales, and is also the Diocesan Spirituality Officer. She facilitates spiritual direction in the diocese and also offers spiritual direction herself. She has written Pathway to God (SPCK, 2006) and contributed to BRF's Guidelines Bible reading notes.

Andrea Skevington lives in Suffolk with her family. She writes for both adults and children, winning the Christian Book of the Year award (Speaking Volumes) for her retelling, The Lion Classic Bible (Lion Hudson, 2011). She also enjoys storytelling for children and running creative writing seminars for adults.

Sally Smith enjoys creating spaces that enable encounters with God through leading Quiet Days and creating prayer corners and stations. She has led prayer groups in her local church, works as a spiritual director, and writes and produces education materials.

Janet Lunt trained in music, composes, creates artwork and leads Quiet Days. She has designed several multisensory prayer trails, which have been used in Bristol, including in the cathedral, and beyond.

Dorinda Miller has been leading Quiet Days and retreats in the UK and overseas, across denominations, for many years. As well as running Staying in the Vine, a six-week course on prayer and spiritual disciplines, she is currently developing audio meditation resources for www.into-deeper-waters.com.

Lisa Cherrett is BRF's Project Editor and Managing Editor for Bible reading notes. She sings, writes haiku poetry and is interested in the relationship between Christianity and contemporary culture. She blogs at lisannie44.wordpress.com.

Liz Hoare is tutor in spiritual formation at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford. She teaches discipleship and prayer and has a special interest in spiritual direction. She is married to Toddy, a sculptor, and they have a son. Liz enjoys baking, the English countryside and looking after her chickens.

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Author info

Sally Smith enjoys creating spaces that enable encounter with God through leading Quiet Days and creating prayer corners and stations. She has led prayer groups in her local church, works as a spiritual director and as a freelance writer and editor. She has a diploma in Theological Studies.


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