Day by Day with God September - December 2017

Rooting women's lives in the Bible

Edited by Ali Herbert

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Day by Day with God are Bible reading notes specifically written for women. All the contributors are women and write from a woman's perspective. The entries for each day contain a suggested Bible reading, with the key verse written out in full, a helpful comment that engages heart and mind and a short reflection or prayer. The regular team of contributors are all excellent writers. Whatever your current situation in life, you will be inspired and encouraged by these notes.

The Editors write...

Some years pass by fairly quietly when not much happens, but 2017 is proving a momentous year for us and our family. Ali has become a student again (the proud owner of a 16 - 25 Student railcard!) attending lectures and writing essays as she begins training for ordination. Jill, after living in the same house for 39 years, has begun the process of relocating from Fareham to Birmingham. For both of us it's something of a journey into the unknown. It's not, of course, as much of a journey into the unknown as that of the patriarch Abraham or the disciples responding to Jesus' call, but nevertheless it's a slightly daunting challenge to step out of our comfort zone and follow that inner voice that calls us onto unfamiliar ground. To say we've both experienced some nervousness is not an exaggeration. Have we heard God's voice aright? Are we up to it? Will we cope with the changes? How will it affect family and friends?

For that reason, we are so glad that our new contributor, Anne Calver, has taken on the topic of 'Confidence'. She takes us through different contexts including confidence in stepping out, confidence in calling and confidence in obedience. In doing so she paints a wonderful picture of the confidence we can have in God in any circumstances, whether peaceful, uncertain or stormy.

'Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight' (Proverbs 3:5 - 6, NIV).

Following on from Anne, Jean Watson looks at the ways and means our kind God uses to build the confidence of faith in us. And the rest of our contributors, taking us through Old and New Testaments, show us why we can step out in our Christian lives with boldness and confidence, sharing and reflecting the good news that God loves us, Jesus died for us and the Holy Spirit lives within us.

Ali Herbert and Jill Rattle

In this issue:

Have you heard of...?
Jill Rattle

The 'I Ams' of Jesus
Chine McDonald

Catherine Butcher

Anne Calver

God's ways and means
Jean Watson

Fiona Barnard

Christine Leonard

There's no place like home
Liz Pacey

Lyndall Bywater

Prophecies about Jesus
Christine Platt

About the contributors in this issue:

Jill Rattle co-edits Day by Day with God. She is a retired secondary headteacher who now divides her time between Fareham and Birmingham. She loves to minister to individuals seeking spiritual support.

Chine McDonald is director of communications at the Evangelical Alliance, a trustee of the Sophia Network, Church and Media network, and author of Am I Beautiful, a book explaining body image and faith among Christian women'.

Catherine Butcher is HOPE's Communications Director, helping churches point people to Jesus. Last year she co-authored The Servant Queen and the King She Serves with Mark Greene. She is an Anglican Reader in Chichester Diocese.

Anne Calver is a Baptist minister, author and speaker. Anne is passionate about word and Spirit and seeing Jesus transform lives and release people's potential. She is married to Gavin and has two children, Amelie and Daniel.

Jean Watson's work has included teaching and editing, and her writing for children and adults has been published in books and magazines and broadcast on radio and TV.

Fiona Barnard is a TEFL/ESOL teacher and staff member of Friends Intertional. She works with international students, encouraging local Christians to reach out in friendship and evangelism to make disciples.

Chris Leonard lives in Surrey with her husband. Their first two grandchildren arrived in 2015 and Chris remains busy leading creative writing courses and holidays. Her 21st book was published in November 2015.

Liz Pacey is a Reader in the Church of England and works as a freelance writer and speaker. She runs Knitwits, a charity knitting group, and is passionate about the links between knitting and spirituality.

Lyndall Bywater is a freelance writer, trainer and consultant in all things related to prayer. She lives in Canterbury with her husband.

Christine Platt loves living in New Zealand. As well as local church ministry, she travels to Timor-Leste regularly to teach English and the Bible.

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Ali Herbert is a freelance writer and musician who also works part-time as a church communications manager.


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