New Daylight May - August 2017

Sustaining your daily journey with the Bible

Edited by Sally Welch

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New Daylight offers four months of daily Bible reading and reflection for everybody who wants to go deeper with God. It is ideal for those looking for a fresh approach to regular Bible study, and offers a talented team of contributors who present a Bible passage (text included), helpful comment and a prayer or thought for the day ahead.

The Editor writes...

In my conversations with New Daylight readers I have discovered that there are many different ways in which this little book is used. For most, New Daylight is part of their daily prayer life, given a set time and space within the routine of the day. Even within this, however, there is variation-some people like to read through an entire fortnight's notes in one go, to get a sense of the overall theme of the studies. They then go back to the beginning and study one day at a time, keeping the con-text of each day within the whole. Others like to greet each individual study as a separate entity, regarding it as complete in itself. For some, however, the opportunity to sit and read comes infrequently and at unspecified intervals, so they must pick up their copy and read and reflect with great concentration. Still others prefer to take a theme once a week, studying all the passages in one go. All these approaches are valid: what is important is that we read the Bible and study God's word as regularly as we can, allowing the wisdom in this book to become part of the very core of our being.

As part of our offerings to you in this issue of New Daylight, you will find Amy Boucher Pye exploring the vision of Revelation, both challenging and exciting as we enter the world of John's vision. Michael Mitton introduces us to Moses once more-a man who leads his people faithfully through the wilderness, encountering difficulties and temptations, discovering much about himself and his faith. Tim Heaton shares his understanding of Paul's letter to the Philippians as a 'letter of joy'.

As well as studies focused on the Bible itself, you will find Helen Julian's investigation of the life and character of Hildegard of Bingen, showing how our understanding of faith can be expanded not just by reading the Bible but by learning from the insights of those who have gone before. And at the heart of all these contributions is a passion to discover more about the good news of Christ's saving message and its implications for us as individuals, as members of our communities and as a whole people of God.

Sally Welch

In this issue:

The vision of Revelation 5 - 22
Amy Boucher Pye
1 - 13 May

Working out God's salvation: Joshua 13 - 24
John Twisleton
14 - 27 May

The Holy Spirit
Barbara Mosse
28 May - 10 June

Peter Waddell
11 - 24 June

Philippians: letter of joy
Tim Heaton
25 June - 8 July

Hildegard of Bingen
Helen Julian CSF
9 - 22 July

Moses: wilderness pioneer
Michael Mitton
23 July - 5 August

Healing in Matthew's Gospel
John Ryeland
6 - 19 August

Songs of praise
Penelope Wilcock
20 - 31 August

About the contributors in this issue:

Amy Boucher Pye is an American who has lived in the UK for over a decade. She makes her home in North London with her husband and young family and enjoys writing for Christian magazines.

John Twisleton is Rector of Horsted Keynes in Sussex. He writes on prayer and apologetics, broadcasts on Premier Radio, and is the author of Meet Jesus (BRF, 2011) and Using the Jesus Prayer (BRF, 2014).

Barbara Mosse is a retired Anglican priest with experience in various chaplaincies. A freelance lecturer and retreat giver, she is the author of Welcoming the Way of the Cross (BRF, 2013).

Peter Waddell is an Anglican priest and vicar in the Diocese of St Albans. Originally from Northern Ireland, he served for eleven years in university chaplaincy before moving into parish ministry. He is the author of Joy: The meaning of the sacraments (Canterbury Press, 2012).

Tim Heaton is an Anglican priest in parish ministry in north Dorset. He is the author of two Lent courses: The Naturalist and the Christ (Circle Books, 2011) and The Long Road to Heaven (Circle Books, 2013).

Helen Julian CSF is an Anglican Franciscan sister, currently serving her community as Minister General. She has written three books for BRF, including Living the Gospel and The Road to Emmaus.

Michael Mitton is Fresh Expressions Adviser for Derby Diocese, NSM Priest-in-charge of St Paul's Derby and honorary Canon of Derby Cathedral. He is the author of Travellers of the Heart (BRF, 2013).

John Ryeland is ordained in the Church of England and is the Director of The Christian Healing Mission. He has written several books, including Encountering the God who Heals (Verite CM, 2013). His focus is to encourage people to experience the presence of the healing Jesus, which so often transforms lives.

Penelope Wilcock writes Christian fiction, pastoral theology and Bible study. Her books include Spiritual Care of Dying and Bereaved People (BRF, 2013). She blogs at

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Author info

Sally Welch is Vicar of Charlbury and Area Dean of Chipping Norton. Sally also leads training events for the Diocese of Oxford in the area of spirituality and is a Diocesan Labyrinth Coordinator. A published author, Sally's works include: Making a Pilgrimage (Lion Hudson 2009), Walking the Labyrinth (Canterbury Press 2010) and Every Place is Holy Ground (Canterbury Press 2011), Edible Bible Crafts (Barnabas for Children, 2014) and Celebrating Festivals (Barnabas for Children, 2014). She is also the editor of the Bible reading notes New Daylight.


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  • Published: 01 March 2017
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