The Word was God

Short reflections for Advent

Andy John

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Here is a gentle way of walking through the busy days leading up to Christmas.

Here is encouragement to slow down and savour the words of one of the best-loved of seasonal Bible readings.

Here is refreshment for heart and soul as well as inspiration for sharing the Good News of Jesus' birth with others.

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Author info

Andy John has been Bishop of Bangor since 2008 and is a contributor to New Daylight. He has a particular interest in the relationship between the gospel and culture (especially art and music).


This book offers very brief reflections on the opening of John's Gospel for every day from 1 December to Christmas Eve. Not too many words, well chosen and thought provoking but will also lead beyond words I think. The simple, uncluttered presentation with only a line or so per page and the meditative style of the book will appeal to many.

Julian meetings website Gail Ballinger. December 2015

The Bishop of Bangor, the Right Revd Andy John, has published a small book for Advent.

Entitled The Word was God, Bishop Andy leads the reader through the Prologue to St. John's Gospel (John 1.1-18). He invites the reader to ponder on one sentence each day through the Advent season.

Reviewing Bishop Andy's book, the Spirituality Officer for the Diocese of Bangor - the Revd Janet Fletcher, said, 'It is a small book with few words. Yet, these few words bring to the reader the mystery of the Incarnation. With these few words there is an invitation to sit quietly and look into the depth of God's love brought to us in the Word, Jesus Christ.

Each day offers new insight with a prayer or question to ponder over.

Each daily reflection could be read several times through the day, or could be used as a stilling prayer before praying the daily office, or the Diocesan Advent booklet 'To the ... Manger'.

Bishop Andy, in the simplicity of a few words, will take all who pray through this book into the heart of Advent and Christmas. We will find ourselves drawn more deeply to God and pray 'so grow within us hearts that beat with your compassion.' (page 55)

Revd Janet Fletcher, Diocese of Bangor - October 2015

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  • Published: 18 September 2015
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