The Gift of Years DVD

Resourcing the spiritual journey of older people

Debbie Thrower

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Long life is both a blessing and a challenge. The Gift of Years celebrates the rewards of longer life, but doesn't underestimate the difficulties either. Led by Debbie Thrower, it is encouraging churches to think afresh about their work among older people - both in their congregation and also in the wider community.

As society struggles to meet the needs of an ageing population, The Gift of Years signposts ways in which our later years can become more rewarding. This 30-minute DVD, filmed originally in 2010, tells the story of Anna Chaplaincy - part of The Gift of Years, the latest initiative from BRF whose overall aim is 'resourcing your spiritual journey'. The Gift of Years emphasises the intrinsic worth of all people, regardless of age, and seeks to enable men and women in their later years to lead more fulfilled lives.

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Debbie Thrower is a former broadcaster and Church of England Reader in the Winchester diocese and Anna Chaplain to Older People in Alton. Her chaplaincy work follows a career in radio and television. For many years the face of both BBC, and later ITV, in the South, she first trained as a newspaper journalist in London, then in Norfolk. She began working for BBC local radio stations in Leicester and at Radio Solent in Southampton. Her credits include the BBC's One, Six and Nine O'Clock News as a newscaster, a presenter of 'Songs of Praise,' the science series 'The Thrower Report,' Channel Four's 'Collector's Lot,' and Radio Four's 'You and Yours' and 'Sunday' and she had her own daily afternoon show on Radio Two for five years. As an ecumenical Anna Chaplain, Debbie works in residential care homes in Alton and in the wider community. Her media experience informs her approach to promoting the spiritual welfare of older people; using the narrative of people's lives to seek shape, meaning, and purpose, and to foster hope. She is married to Peter, a Bio-Diversity Advisor for the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, and they have a daughter and son.


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  • Published: 09 April 2014
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