8 Bible-themed Journey Days for Primary Schools

A cross-curricular resource for teaching about Christianity

Barbara Meardon, Verity Holloway

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Help teaching staff fulfil the requirements for teaching Christianity within their RE guidelines.

  • Fits readily into most Agreed Syllabus programmes
  • Suitable for all primary stages
  • Can be used either as a class project or in vertical groupings through the whole school
  • Flexible use, either run as a full course or just use for specific occasions e.g. Christmas.

Each unit includes:

  • Reflective material for use with the adults in the community (both school and church) as they prepare to lead the journey day and as they review the day.
  • Whole-school introduction to the theme.li>
  • Workshop activities using a range of creative, interactive and reflective materials to explore key Bible stories.
  • Outlines for Collective Worship.
  • Church-based activity days to support the core material.

Order today and help introduce children to the exciting concept of journeys in the Bible.

Download PDF of support material and all-age worship outlines

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Author info

Barbara Meardon is Diocesan Adviser for Work with Children and Families and a primary school teacher. She has an MA in RE in the Primary School and has lectured on Religious Education on PGCE courses. She has written Children's Quiet Days and Let the Children Come (a set of reflective stations based on the United Nations Children's Charter) and edited a book of children's prayers with colleagues in Salisbury Diocese. Verity Holloway trained as a primary school teacher, specialising in Religious Education. She currently works as RE and Collective Worship Adviser for Salisbury Diocese. She has also written, with colleagues, Festival Matters and Love and Sex Matters (a series of four books for Key Stages 1 - 4) and contributed to Values for Life, Pause for Reflection (2004) and Pause to Reflect on Values, all by Jumping Fish.


Review from RE Today Spring 2015

Designed to fit readily into most agreed syllabus programmes, this practical resource contains a series of eight units through which young children are introduced to the concept of journeys in the Bible. Each unit provides a day's worth of three workshops, including cross-curricular activities that enable pupils to encounter and explore Bible stories and Christianity in a contemporary context. Supporting RE-led integrated learning though reflective storytelling, thinking and questioning, this resource also enables a school and its local church to strengthen their community relationship through a 'church-based activity day' per unit as well as providing extension material for Foundation Stage and classroom collective worship.

After the introductory day's unit 'Stepping out on the journey' the children then 'go on' a themed journey travelling with key biblical events or figures: Creation, Abraham and Sarah, Ruth, Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and Following in Jesus' footsteps. Alongside the 10 - 15 workshop suggestions (per unit) there are notes for worship, group time and individual time, with great opportunities for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 'My journey' reflection journals are suggested, with weblinks to these and to all units.

Following the two case studies, and the detailed introductory notes, it is clear that anyone wishing to use this resource must be prepared to set aside a large amount of time for planning and preparation in terms of organising their school, church, teachers and voluntary helpers. The authors - two highly experienced primary teachers and RE advisers - suggest that the journey days could be delivered as either one unit per year group per academic year or as a three-year cycle offering one unit per term. Whichever model, this would need to be a whole school commitment, included in the school development plan, to complement and enhance the RE scheme of work.

This is good value for money and could be the 'changing moment' for a school community. It might be stepping out of our comfort zone but I suspect that, long term, the benefits could be outstanding

Juliet Lyal, Cunningham Infant School, St Albans

From The Church Times 19 September 2014

The recently published 8 Bible-themed Journey Days for Primary Schools, by Barbara Meardon and Verity Holloway, could provide a useful complement, especially in church schools.

Using the theme of journeys, the book is based on the concept of activity days, where a class, year group, or even a vertical grouping spends the day exploring biblical themes. The material is practical, comprehensive, and imaginative. It is also very much activity-based. Ambitious, in that it envisages the local church and the school working together, its success will depend on the commitment that the leaders can give in terms of time and energy. Schools will find the days linked to the great festivals the most obviously useful.

Dennis Richards

Book details

  • ISBN: 9780857462473
  • Published: 18 April 2014
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 96
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