Creative Ideas for Lent & Easter

80 seasonal activities for use with children

Jane Tibbs

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Ideal for 4-11s

Creative Ideas for Lent and Easter contains a wealth of inspirational ideas and activities for Lent and the Easter season. All the ideas use readily available materials and have instant appeal. From the traditional Simnel cake through a living Easter tree to a 3D action ascension scene, this book will inspire church leaders and families to deepen their experience of Lent, Easter and the Easter season.

The activities are ideal for children aged 4-11, but can be enjoyed by people of all ages. There are more than 80 ideas, many of which could become a tradition within families, churches and local communities each year.

Ideas include:

  • Creative Lenten countdowns
  • Seasonal cooking ideas
  • Creative ways to pray
  • Ideas for celebrating saints' days and other festivals within the season
  • Ideas for celebrating Holy Week in the home
  • Local community events


In a world that thinks more about Easter bunnies and chocolate than the real significance of Easter, Creative Ideas for Lent and Easter offers us the opportunity to explore the events before, during and after the festival of Easter.

Jane Tibbs has written a book that responds to the preparations for and celebration of this most important Christian festival with ideas including the party time before Ash Wednesday, Lent, Mothering Sunday, Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Easter and the six weeks following to Rogationtide and Ascension Day. It is packed with creativity that can be used in a variety of situations - at home, at school, in church and in the community.

The weeks surrounding Easter are spiritually rich and this time of year has the potential to engage not only children and their families but whole communities in the key events of their faith. Here is a collection of possibilities for communities as well as church to engage with, providing opportunities for those who think that the message of Easter needs to be heard more widely and in its truth experienced more fully by all who are made in the image of God.

No one who turns these pages could fail to enjoy the fun of establishing traditions, old and new, that will make the Easter story come alive.

+Peter Maurice, Bishop of Taunton

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Author info

Based in Somerset, Jane Tibbs has a background in education having been a teacher and head teacher before moving into church ministry eleven years ago. Jane has a broad range of experience having worked in the Middle East and the Falklands. As a teacher, Jane has a wide experience of primary school teaching and has taught music and drama in secondary schools. She was also the head of a multi-national school in Saudi Arabia. Since leaving teaching she has continued to be involved with schools as a governor and also as a SIAS inspector. Training has played a key role in Jane's work over recent years with the provision of training courses for people who work with children in the predominantly voluntary sector of education. She has contributed to education courses for clergy and ministers in training. She is also an accredited Godly Play teacher. Jane runs a variety of workshops in churches and schools and has experience of the planning and leading of festivals and large events. Her workshops are lively and interactive. She also leads an annual holiday club and summer camp for children. As a writer, Jane has written Creative Ideas for Advent and Christmas, and compiled a number of resources for churches and schools to support the church's year from Advent to All Souls. She also contributes to ROOTS magazine and produces Young Church Mag the weekly puzzle sheet for children and SundayMax, the weekly resource to use with children on Sundays.


From the Diocese of Peterborough STAR News Feb 2015

Here are at least 80 ideas to mark Lent and celebrate Easter. Whether you want ideas that involve food, glue or games, you will find something here to enliven your children's group or all-age worship. There are also seasonal prayer ideas and suggestions for getting outside into your community. Well worth a look!

From 'Child in the Mist' newsletter

Love - we use the word everyday, often without thinking. But what does God's love mean? How can we help children understand the overwhelming, demanding, patient, persevering love which God has for us and which God calls us to have for others? Through Scripture, story and conversation, Yvonne Morris offers a way for families to share together what it means to live within the love of God, everyday.

Any parent or children's worker with primary school age children will find this book a valuable resource in celebrating the festivals from Lent to Easter and beyond. The first chapter outlines many of the special days of the season from the beginning of Lent onwards and provides good background about why we do some of the things we do. Many creative ways are given to mark the various special days, both within the family and in the wider family of the church.

There are resources for parties at Easter and Ascension as well as more reflective resources for Lent. It is especially good to have some family friendly Lent ideas. As the title suggest the emphasis is on activities and there are recipes and craft activities as well as prayers, walks for Palm Sunday and Rogation and a script for a passion play.

Everything is accessible and well planned even if you have little experience in planning or delivering children's work this book will enable you to produce high quality experiences.

Elizabeth Clark

Book details

  • ISBN: 9780857462459
  • Published: 21 November 2014
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 144
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