Parenting Children for a Life of Confidence

Releasing children to live in God's strength

Rachel Turner

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The world has a formula for confidence. It goes like this: You are amazing and perfect, just the way you are. People should love and accept you, and if they don't, well, that's their problem.

The Christian community partners with this. We are told in church:
God made you perfect and precious. You are unique and wonderful, like a gemstone in his eyes, worthy of so much.

We think that if our children could just believe those statements deep in their hearts, then they would be confident. If they could just discover who they are and express it well, then they would have joy. If they could just live those beliefs, then they would be able to weather the storms in the world.

The problem is that it doesn't seem to be working...

In this thought-provoking and engaging book Rachel Turner explores how we can help our children to discover a healthy core of confidence, offering practical wisdom and suggestions for nurturing this in daily life.

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Author info

Rachel Turner is currently the Family Life Pastor at St Paul's Church, Hammersmith. She has been a full-time children's worker in churches around the UK and the National Children's Work Coordinator for New Wine, and continues to consult, speak at conferences and run training days for parents, children and youth workers around the UK and Europe. Her work has brought her into contact with thousands of children and families through mainstream New Wine summer events, parish weekends, schools, and daily encounters in her own church. She is the author of Parenting Children for a Life of Faith (BRF, 2010), Parenting Children for a Life of Purpose (BRF, 2014) and Parenting Children for a Life of Confidence (BRF, 2015).


Church Times 20 May 2016

Parenting Children for a Life of Confidence is a realistic look at the fact that, however they are brought up, children are still swayed by the latest trends. Anyway, asks the author, Rachel Turner, a parent and Family Life Pastor, what is confidence in the Christian sense? She says that it is the ordinary moments that shape children spiritually and make them confident, and emphasises that this book is for anyone in a position to influence children.

The theme is being God-centred, not self-centred, and is illustrated with countless biblical examples. "God makes it very clear our confidence should not be in ourselves or our capabilities. Confidence is not a denying of ourselves: it is a re - centring of what is important."

There are three sections; a biblical look at the foundations of confidence;key tools for parenting with confidence; everyday applications, looking at key parenting moments and addressing issues such as peer pressure, body image, and how to deal with failure. It is easy to dip into - just as well, as it is aimed at busy parents.

Rachel Harden

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  • Published: 23 October 2015
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  • Pages: 192
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