More Creative Mission

Over 40 further ideas to help church and community celebrate special days and events throughout the year

Rona Orme

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More Creative Mission contains an exciting mix of easy-to-run outreach ideas for community-minded churches to use, whatever the season or celebration and with groups of any size. Some of the ideas follow the liturgical and seasonal calendar, whilst others can be used at any time.

Alongside four special activity events-one for each season-there is an extensive collection of fun and thought-provoking ideas covering every month of the year. Some of the ideas are based in church; some for the church family to take into the wider community or local schools and pre-school groups; some to involve the wider community in the celebration of key events; others designed to promote social action by campaigning or fundraising for specific needs within the community or overseas.

All the ideas are designed to appeal to children as well as adults, but many can also be used if there are few or no children in the church family.

As with Creative Mission, the suggestions are offered for both traditional churches and Fresh Expressions of church to select those that will work best for them and the community they serve.

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Author info

Rona Orme is the Children's Missioner in the Diocese of Peterborough. Passionate about working with children and families, she is involved with leading creative worship in a primary school on a new suburban estate and is a Reader in the Church of England. Rona is the author of Rural Children, Rural Church (CHP 2007) which explores mission opportunities in the countryside, and Creative Mission (Barnabas 2011).


From Childrenswork Magazine December 2013

'More Creative Mission by Rona Orme gets 4 stars. Review states: This book gives a range of possible ideas which children workers can use in every season and with all ages. At the start of the book, frequently asked questions are answered, addressing practical issues surrounding children's work. The book is split into seasons such as summer or winter activities and each season has a selection of activities that are explained in detail.

The format is clear, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. The ideas are fresh and practical, but also allow for an element of creativity to be displayed by the individual reader. Due to the number of possible ideas to choose from, the age group that will be targeted will depend on the church, resulting in a lot of flexibility. However, some of the activities will need careful and extensive planning. Overall, it is a useful resource with a range of new ideas to be used.

From Country Way October - December 2013

As a keen and frequent user of Rona Orme's first book of this series Creative Mission, I was very excited to see a second volume published so soon after the first. I was not disappointed!

This is yet another excellent resource for churches of all types and sizes. The book is packed full of topical, relevant and engaging ideas that help bring either a new insight to well loved mission opportunities such as Christingle or take us to new opportunities that we have not thought of before. For autumn alone there are suggestions to get involved with the

Big Draw, cakes for kids week, and St Martin's Day alongside Remembrance. For spring there is encouragement to go star gazing and Noah-by-numbers and indeed colours. For the summer there are references to both Open Farm Sunday and Slow Food Week. As well as providing a section on mission activities that could be used at any point in the year there is also a useful list of resources in the appendices. I will certainly be using the St Paul board game with the older members of our parish's children's group. Do not be put off by the cover which shows images which are perhaps more appropriate for a younger age group. The resources in this book will help engage all children, families, and ages everywhere. With resources like Creative Mission and now More Creative Mission, churches have no excuses for not getting out there with the community.

Jill Hopkinson

Book details

  • ISBN: 9780857461483
  • Published: 24 May 2013
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 208
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