Jesus: Name Above All Names

32 Bible studies on the person and work of Jesus

Anne Le Tissier

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It is our prayer that through these studies, readers from all walks of life might be drawn into a deeper relationship with him and a greater understanding of the person and character of our Lord and Saviour.
Jackie Stead, Women Alive


This book offers straightforward, devotionally-based Bible study material on 32 names and titles ascribed to Jesus in Scripture. From 'Advocate' to 'Word of God', the studies consider what we can learn about who Jesus is and what he has done for us from these different names and titles. The material includes extended reflection on the theme, questions for response, prayers and suggestions for further Bible reading.

Prepared from articles originally published in Woman Alive magazine, Jesus: Name above all Names is ideal for small group use or individual Quiet Day or retreat reading.

How I prepare your Bible studies - from Woman Alive May 2012

Anne Le Tissier has been writing our Bible studies for a number of years now and we are delighted to announce that BRF are publishing her series of studies on the names of Jesus this month. We asked her to give us an insight into how she works:

I start with whatever happens to be brewing in my heart - a Bible verse perhaps, a theme, or a situation that either I, or someone I know, is having to face and deal with. From there, I research other relevant passages and then give them time to 'marinate'. What is God saying? What seems most important to include for this particular Bible study? Once I have prayed and noted down anything that has spoken to me -challenged, inspired or comforted me - I then turn to a commentary to double-check I haven't misunderstood the context or translation of the verse(s).

Sometimes I have really had to wrestle with a passage. This could be because I am totally uninspired or distracted (usually a sign I need time out with God), or that I am having to 'wrestle' with what God is saying to me. Someone once said, "If you point the finger at someone, there are always three pointing back at you." Before I can share thoughts with Woman Alive readers, I must first grapple with how I am willing to respond. If I prove unwilling, then I certainly cannot write and suggest others should be! To work through that sometimes takes a lot of 'walk-time' while I thrash it out in prayer.

My own devotions are basically split into three parts - though it was very different when my daughter was younger, and again when I was working a 60-hour week in London's financial district. First, I take an early morning walk where I can sing, talk and listen to God while the world is still quiet behind closed curtains. Then, I return home to a cuppa with my Bible on my lap and journal to hand. I usually retreat to my study, but never sit at my desk or else it will feel like work. In fact, I find sitting on the floor (occasionally flat on my face!) to be my usual place of prayer. I try not to leave God behind when that special time of prayer is over, but seek to talk and listen to him as the day pans out; whether working, ironing, grocery shopping, gardening, socialising with friends... That said, I am certainly no super-saint and I do get distracted! I find that if I only communicate with God during morning devotions, the relationship starts to feel like it's jerking along on kangaroo petrol. And, if I happen to miss my morning 'appointment', then the habit of talking and listening during the day protects me from feeling disconnected. Finally, I read a snippet of scripture at night, just before I go to sleep. In addition to my personal devotions, I am richly fed through the weekly teaching at my local church and every few months, I might also pick up a devotional book which never fails to nurture me in some way.

Writing can be a very solitary experience, so I am grateful that I have always been a 'loner' and comfortable with my own company. But at times, I do need support, and my first port of call is my husband. He is a wonderful listener and one of two things may happen. Either my wittering on helps me to put things back in perspective without him saying a word, or else he offers a pearl of wisdom. I believe he has God's gift of discernment and have seen it at work through his life when helping others. But on many occasions, I have been blessed to be the recipient of that insight too.

In addition, I receive a weekly 'writers'- tips' e-mail, and every so often read a book on the craft of writing.

To anyone who finds Bible study a struggle, I would encourage them to start small. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Choose a verse or a short passage that has had special meaning for you in the past, or, if you are still unfamiliar with the Bible, try a Psalm, or something from the New Testament (a story from a Gospel, or a letter such as Philippians, Timothy, Ephesians, Colossians...)

Give that verse/passage time. Pray it into your own situation, asking God what he wants to say to you. And remember, Biblereading is not task-driven, but relationshipdriven. It is a means for us to get to know our Father better and a means for him to communicate his love with us. It helps us both to live well for him and to know how to cope with life when it's tough.

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It is our prayer that through these studies, readers from all walks of life might be drawn into a deeper relationship with him and a greater understanding of the person and character of our Lord and Saviour.
Jackie Stead, Women Alive

Author info

Anne Le Tissier is a freelance writer and speaker, whose work aims to teach, encourage and equip Christian discipleship as well as engage with those on the fringes or even hostile to faith. She has also written The Heart of the Temple, Prepared for Spiritual Battle and Immanuel, God with Us and contributes regularly to Woman Alive.


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