Easy Ways to Christmas Plays

Vicki Howie

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Easy Ways to Christmas Plays contains three simple yet effective nativity plays suitable for use with groups of mixed ages:

  • Come to my party!
  • The Star who couldn't twinkle
  • Shine your lights!

In order to minimise complicated entries and exits for the younger children, each play is designed to allow all the children to stay on stage throughout the performance.

All the children are involved in actions, mimes and songs throughout the play, with the speaking parts designed for older children in the group.

Each play is preceded by a complete story version of the play, complete with black and white line drawings, designed to be told to the group as an introduction to the play itself.

The story is followed by a five-week countdown to the performance, with hints, activities and scripts for each week running up to the performance. Suggested stage positions are included.

Photocopy permission is included for the scripts and for all worksheets.

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Author info

Qualifying as a solicitor in 1980, Vicki Howie gained extensive experience in the publishing environment, with particular focus on editing children's books, whilst working for OUP Hong Kong.Now living in England, she has contributed stories and plays for young children to Together with Children and New Christian Herald and written stories, plays and songs for young children in the local church.


Reviewed on The Association of Christian Teachers' website, October 2008

This book commends itself as containing three simple plays for 3-7 year olds that are fun for children, take little time to produce and have a clear Christian message. This sounds like heaven for hard-pressed teachers!

Each play has a five week suggested build-up:

Week 5 - the theme of the play is introduced;
Week 4 - we meet the characters;
Week 3 - the actions, mimes or movements are introduced - often within the context of a game;
Week 2 - costumes and props are gathered;
Week 1 - what will happen on the day of the play itself.

Each week is presented with a variety of stories, games, activities (differentiated at 3 levels) and photocopiables for the likes of badges or bookmarks. Each play also contains staging suggestions, memos for the following week and an invitation for parents.

The songs included in these plays are to be found in other commonly owned Christmas songbooks, Carol, gaily carol and Merrily to Bethlehem by A C Black, though you could easily substitute carols that you already have within your repertoire.

I think putting a Christmas play within a five week programme of preparation is an excellent idea, as so often our youngest ones have little idea of why they are dressing up and going on stage, except to wave at their proud grown-ups!

If time is taken to study the 26 pages for each play, I am sure that this book will smooth the organisation of the Nativity play and increase the understanding of the children. Surely a good thing!

Reviewed by Jan Randall, Class Teacher and RE Manager, Nursling Primary School, Southampton, Hampshire

Book details

  • ISBN: 9780857460844
  • Published: 18 September 1998
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 96
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