Family Fun for Summer

30 holiday activities for families to share

Jane Butcher

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Just what every family needs.
Michele Guinness


Crafts, Food, Games, Word searches, Treasure hunts...

Summer time, the longer days and school holidays offer more time for families to spend time together to talk, play and reconnect with one another in the midst of busy family life. Family Fun for Summer provides thirty 'fun on a budget' activities to help you to spend quality time with your children over the summer, to explore faith in the home, and to have lots of fun together in the process!

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Just what every family needs.
Michele Guinness

Author info

Jane Butcher is part of BRF's Barnabas Team. She leads training sessions on RE and children's ministry, and is responsible for developing BRF's Faith in Homes ministry (


From The Good Bookstall - August 2012

What a fantastic little resource book to have on hand for times when the children are off school. Its entitled holiday activities, but truthfully a lot of these activities would work anywhere, anytime that children are a bit bored and you need inspiration for what to do with them!

Each activity has a biblical theme or reference tied into it, so that makes this a good book for anyone involved with children's ministry too because there are some activities that can be tailored to Sunday school sessions.

Simple crafting activities, food based activities, outdoor fun and some simple wordsearches and spot the difference pages make this a really good all round tool that could be a lifesaver for a harried parent or time pressed children's leader and at such a great price too - under 5 pounds, now that's a real bargain and most of the activities inside of the book are only going to cost pennies as well. Fantastic value indeed.

Reviewed by Melanie Carroll

Book details

  • ISBN: 9780857460615
  • Published: 20 April 2012
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 64
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