Story Assemblies for the School Year, Volume 2

36 assemblies with five-minute stories, teacher's notes and RE follow-up

Edward J Carter

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Age range: Ideal for KS1, KS2 / P1-P7 / 4-11 year olds.

A second year's worth of assembly material for those who enjoyed Story Assemblies for the School Year. This book is full of memorable stories, designed to engage and delight pupils at primary level. The stories are essentially parables about God and the events in the Bible, creatively told to help children understand the big story of God's love for the world. Pupils are invited to imagine themselves as part of the story and also encouraged to think about their own values and behavior, not by learning the right answers to give, but by making a leap of imagination and identifying themselves with the characters in the stories.

There are six themes in total, each with its own easy-to-make storytelling prop. The stories within each theme are divided into six weekly episodes, covering a wide range of contemporary values and topics. Together the stories cover the whole school year, with a key theme and a story in six parts for each half-term period. At the end of each half-term there is a special assembly to mark that part of the school year: harvest, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and a leavers' farewell.

As well as being ideal for collective worship, there are practical follow-up ideas to help children connect with the stories in the classroom. Alongside those in the book, there are further curriculum links on the website

The six themes cover:

  • The exodus
  • The promised land
  • The disciples of Jesus
  • The judgment parables
  • The first Christians
  • Paul's letters

Download additional materials including Bible verse cards, storytellers notes, curriculum suggestions and photographic images of the six stories

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Author info

The Revd Edward Carter is Canon Theologian at Chelmsford Cathedral. He was previously the parish priest at St Peter's Didcot in Oxford Diocese, as well as being Area Dean of the Wallingford Deanery.


From REtoday - Spring 2013

This book provides a further year of material for collective worship following Story Assemblies for the School Year volume 1. Pupils learn about and learn from a range of Bible stories through active and engaging assemblies. The stories are also connected to the classroom experience with suggestions for cross-curricular follow-up work.

Throughout the year, six Bible themes are explored: the exodus, the promised land, the disciples of Jesus, the judgment parables, the first Christians and Paul's letters. These themes are further divided into six weekly story episodes covering a wide range of contemporary values and topics. At the end of each half term there is a special assembly to mark that part of the school year: Harvest, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and a leavers' farewell.

Each weekly assembly provides an imaginative short story related to a specific Bible link, giving participants a clear key theme, message or concept. The stories build up over each half-term sequence developing continuity and often finishing on a cliff-hanger. Visual focal points are recommended for each theme. Collective worship leaders are required to make a range of props, but these are are relatively simple to make and reusable.

The book provides clear suggestions for possible prayers and music which will enhance the atmosphere of reflection. Curriculum links for follow up work are available on the Barnabas website

This book provides engaging assemblies to explore Bible themes. Schools without a religious character might select ideas from these 'broadly Christian' themes to suit their collective worship programmes.

Reviewed by Lisa Kassapian

From The Church Times - June 2012

Story Assemblies for the School Year (Volume 2), by Edward Carter, also adopts the thematic approach, but over a much longer timescale.

Relying more on visual aids, this book will require significantly more preparation on the part of the assembly taker. It is not a grab-an-assembly-book-off-the-shelf-five-minutes-before-the-assembly-starts kind of resource.

Its great strength lies in its biblical content, and it will suit a school that wants to see strong links between its collective worship and its RE provision. Both this, and the previous volume, are beautifully presented - the front covers alone will be enough to intrigue potential purchasers.

Book details

  • ISBN: 9780857460592
  • Published: 22 June 2012
  • Status:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 224
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