Exploring God's Love in Everyday Life

Readings to help children grow in their faith

Yvonne Morris

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A reflective, interactive resource for children's and family workers, parents, carers and grandparents

How do we understand Christ's love better?
Taking 1 Corinthians 13 as its starting point, Exploring God's Love in Everyday Life uses readings, reflections and prayers to explore the love that Jesus lived and taught. The material covers 20 themes and touches on 40 different Bible stories, seeking to nurture adults and children alike in engaging with issues of faith and life.

Based on wording from Ephesians 3:18, each section is structured as follows:

  • Wide: A key story that presents the general concept of the theme
  • Long: A second story that offers a different angle on the theme
  • High: Wondering and chatting together about this aspect of love
  • Deep: Connecting with God through prayer and listening

Yvonne Morris is Children's Adviser for the Diocese of Oxford. Her first book, Side by Side with God in Everyday Life, was published by Barnabas for Children in 2011.

Praise for Side by Side with God in Everyday Life
Yvonne Morris resists a simplistic reading of the Bible, instead integrating biblical and contemporary life experience. Her emphasis on making these connections in a nurturing environment allows important subjects to be explored by children in safety.
Dana Delap, writing in the Church Times

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Author info

Yvonne Morris is Children's Adviser for the Diocese of Oxford. Her first book, Side by Side with God in Everyday Life, was published by Barnabas for Children in 2011.


Review from Country Way June-September 2015

Although written for families, this book would work well in a rural church setting with a small group of primary school age children. In looking at the different aspects of love, a breadth of biblical material is explored, not just the gospels but some of the Epistles and Psalms. Using contemporary stories the author links the biblical material to everyday life.

Looking at love in all its aspects allows for some difficult issues to be raised; for example, the love that never fails to begin a conversation about death. There is also a session on loving our enemies, and another on bullying.

Anyone who has anything to do with small children knows they have a seemingly endless capacity for wonder and love asking questions. There is space for this in each session and, at the end of each topic, we are challenged to consider how we might be changed as a result of what we have read and thought.

The book is a self-contained resource that is user friendly for parents and children's workers alike. Adults working their way through with their families will be challenged by many of the concepts too, after all we all need to be loved and to share love with others.

Review by Elizabeth Clark

From STAR News (Diocese of Peterborough) February 2015

The strapline for the book is 'Readings to help children grow in their faith.' And that is what we get: 20 sections that help us to reflect on different ways to love. In each section we are giving a Bible reading to present the idea of the theme (how wide), a second complementary reading (how long), some wondering questions or thoughts to encourage discussion (how high) and ways to encourage everyone to engage with God (how deep). Each section ends with 'love tough' which is about the application of the passages to everyday life as we try to follow Jesus side by side. I would recommend this book to families who have children in Key Stage 2 and who want a structured way to discuss following Jesus. It is not heavy going and makes some interesting links.

From The Door January 2015

Exploring God's Love is a wonderful book. It is a series of Bible studies based on St. Paul's description of what love is - and isn't - that he sets out in his letter to the Corinthians. It is aimed at adults and children, learning together about God's love and how this can be experienced in today's society.

Shining through every chapter is Yvonne's deep love for, and empathy with, children of all ages and levels of understanding. Readers will feel comforted and encouraged by the homely examples and stories. Laughter and joy fill the book but do not undermine the seriousness of the challenges of Christianity in today's world, serving to flavour learning and understanding with the salt of a faithful love.

The Revd Sally Welch, Oxford Diocese's Spirituality Adviser

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  • ISBN: 9780857460219
  • Published: 21 November 2014
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  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 112
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