Walking with Gospel Women

Interactive Bible meditations

Fiona Stratta

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Imagination is a pathway for the spirit. In her book of meditations, Fiona leads us along this path to fresh encounters with God.
Ann Persson


Imaginative meditation can be a powerful way of attuning ourselves to God's presence, involving as it does the emotions as well as the mind. This book offers a refreshing and inspiring way into Bible study, using meditative monologues based around many of the women of the gospels. Through a time of guided reflection, we identify with the woman concerned and see what lessons emerge for today as we ponder her story.

Each chapter consists of a monologue, linked Bible passage and discussion material designed to draw out deep communication and group fellowship, as well as transformational learning. While designed primarily for small groups meeting to grow their relationships with God and with each other, the monologues can also be used as a way into silent reflection either for individuals or with larger groups (for example, the monologues could be adapted to use in Sunday worship - for intercession, a time of reflection or as part of a sermon).

Read Fiona's introduction to the book:

If you are involved in a women's Bible study group, particularly in leading it, the big question at the start of each term is likely to be what to study. There are a lot of resources available, so where do you begin? In my book I wanted to offer something different... a new way of making familiar Bible stories personal, walking alongside the women involved, exploring their emotions and feeling their heartbeat.

Walking with Gospel Women: Interactive Bible meditations is a series of 26 meditative monologues based on biblical passages in which each character tells the story of her encounter with Jesus. As we enter her story through the imagination, we discover what issues were touched in her life and how she responded. Our minds and emotions are engaged as we listen and are then guided through group discussion and individual reflection to consider these issues further. The questions encourage deep communication and are designed to stimulate conversation that leads to personal and spiritual growth as well as developing friendships and community. Transformational learning takes place. What can we learn from Mary, the mother of Jesus, at the wedding of Cana about letting go, about joy and celebration? How does Jesus' encounter with Martha teach us to deal with resentment, inner restlessness and how to balance the demands in our lives? Our spiritual journey is fostered as we are, and we are then led to consider what each episode teaches us about God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Women with much experience of Bible study in groups will find this innovative approach refreshing. Creative women will be drawn to exploring biblical passages through the imagination. Newcomers to the Bible will find this resource approachable and will gain cultural insights from the monologues. Walking with Gospel Women could also be used by reading groups and for individual reflection. The monologues could be used without the studies in many contexts: as part of a church's Christmas or Easter programme; for storytelling; as a stimulus for a sermon or guided meditation.

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Imagination is a pathway for the spirit. In her book of meditations, Fiona leads us along this path to fresh encounters with God.
Ann Persson

Author info

A qualified speech and language therapist, Fiona Stratta has worked with adults and children and is also a member of the Association of Teachers of Speech and Drama. The idea for this book first emerged when she endured a prolonged period of ill-health which led her to engage with meditative approaches to Bible reading.


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  • ISBN: 9780857460103
  • Published: 20 July 2012
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  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 176
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